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Behind the Scenes on Madison Avenue

Behind the Scenes on Madison Avenue

February 2023

A Visit to New York

Irene is a Californian on a fantastical journey through New York’s Upper East Side, and the new home on Madison Avenue is resplendent with animal friends (like Ginger, the giant giraffe, who happens to be the tallest "being" ever created by fantasist and artist Clare Crespo), botanical gardens and more. 

Collaborating with Pam Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri and building on the world of the Melrose Place store they did together, Irene transformed the Madison Avenue space into a world of magical surrealism.


Custom vitrines filled with a parade of surrealist creatures created by artist and set designer Shona Heath bring wonder while displaying Irene’s signature playful and incredibly fine pieces of jewelry.
As you cross through to the back of the store you are met with a mesmerizing path to the downstairs, a swirling optical illusion.
At the lower level you enter the living room, a serene and delightful place to sip a tequila and try on jewels.
Much like Irene’s jewelry, it is our hope that with each visit, fantasy slips into everyday life. The magical elements blend to create a world which invites you to pause with wonderment, joy, delight and asks you to look at things sideways and upside down. Come visit us!

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