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Birthstones: A Guide

July 2020

Prettiest birthstone gems for every month of the year

The tradition of birthstones dates back centuries, with many additions, subtractions, and swaps made to the list along the way. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. And when you begin with a birthstone, the story becomes personal and meaningful from the start. Here is our guide to the birthstones for each month featuring some of the gems that we love best.

January - Garnet

A symbol of generosity, joy, and purpose, garnets can be found in deep Mandarin orange, glassy grass green Tasvorite, and the most classic and prized of all, deep pomegranate red. 


February - Rose of France

Loved for its romantic pink lilac hue, Rose of France is a rare variety of amethyst. It's said to bring protection, harmony, and stress-relief to the one who wears it.


March - Aquamarine

Called mermaid treasure by the ancient Greeks and Romans, fine aquamarine takes its name from its oceanic blue hues. Like the soothing sea, it's thought to bring about calm and peace.

April - Diamond

Though diamonds come in a rainbow of fancy colors, the most sought out variety of the precious gemstone is colorless and pure. The tradition of using the stone in engagement rings began during the Renaissance and it's known for its everlasting shine and strength.


May - Emerald

This fetching green stone has been a fascination since the days of Cleopatra (they happened to be her favorite.) Playing in the color spectrum from chartreuse to olive, it's the classic blue-green hue that's most prized.


June - Pearl

The perfect reminder that the world is your oyster, the pearl is thought to support optimism and faith. From tiny Akoya pearls to the quintessential South Sea variety, each one is truly one of a kind.


July - Ruby

Cherished by cultures around the world, red rubies have been worn to attract love and luck and repel negative energies and illness. Their lit-from-within quality has captivated people since antiquity.

August - Peridot

For those looking for the stone of clarity and inspiration, peridot may be the perfect touchstone. Treasured for centuries for its unique green hue, the Egyptians thought each stone held the power of nature within it.


September - Sapphire

The stone of nobility can't help but bring its storied, regal air wherever it goes. True blue sapphires have earned their reputation throughout the ages: they are said to aid in clarity, bring about enlightenment, and enhance intuition.


October - Opal

Legend has it that opals fell from the sky, and to see the tiny universe of light and color-play inside a gemstone could make anyone a believer. From opaque pale pink to prized black, opals are said to attract and amplify positive energy.


November - Citrine

A favorite stone of the ancient Greeks, natural yellow citrine is a rare find. Full of charm, its sunny hue instantly lifts spirits and the gem is said to even give an energetic boost.

December - Turquoise

The beauty of turquoise is unlimited with each stone's unique color and naturally occurring matrix. Whether at its most faint and powdery blue or most vibrant deep teal, the stone is thought to cultivate serenity and resilience. 


Monthly Birthstones Gems List Based on the 2020 US Chart

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