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How to Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Wedding Day

September 2021

Our Guide to Bridal Earrings

Wedding day earrings are the icing on the cake. 

Along with your dress and hairstyle, also consider the overall look, feel, and location of your ceremony and celebration. 

Here's what we always keep in mind when recommending the most exquisite earrings for your wedding day or bridal weekend.

Consider Your Dress

For something blue, add an ethereal air to any look with ultra-fine aquamarine in the palest watercolor shades.
Glow forth with timeless pearls. Our modern twist gives classic silhouettes a just-right dose of right-now style.

For those who want to go beyond tradition and venture into new territory, one-of-a-kind gemstones and whimsical combinations of stones offer originality and style.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Capture the magic with lit-from-within opals, an unexpected option for utterly electric elegance. If your hair will be down, these earrings are sure to shine through. 

Flower girls for your ears, Golden Blossom Bouquet Earrings burst with pavé diamonds, pearls, opals, and pure romance. Wear with an updo to let them take center stage.

"It's your special day and you'll remember the earrings you wore forever. As long as you pick a pair that makes you happy and brings you joy, you absolutely cannot go wrong." xx Irene

Consider the aesthetic of your overall wedding

A pair of Gemmy Gem Chandelier Huggies takes royal style into the present day with fresh cuts and stunning shades. Choose colors that reflect the beauty of your surroundings for a subtle, sophisticated look that's seamless.

Wedding earrings and bridal earrings we'd recommend

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