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Introducing Irene Neuwirth x Anthony Dominici Ceramics


September 2023
"I'm just thrilled to introduce our very first Ceramics Collection! I love entertaining and creating a beautiful, inviting table, so designing tableware has been something that I have dreamt of for a long time. This Winter, I started sketching out my dream designs, and then collaborated with my dear friend Anthony Dominici to bring them to fruition. He hand sculpted and painted each one, can you imagine? Now, for the very first time, these special pieces are available to you. I hope you love them as much as we do."
"In the same way I design jewelry, I started this labor of love by sketching out what each plate or bowl could be."
"Anthony then took my drawings and translated them into the beautiful pieces you see here."
"There's really nothing better than when work, art, talented friends, and my love of riding all come together at the very same time - the collection made its debut at the Hampton Classic last weekend!"
"Choose from Strawberry, Gumball, Botanical, and Carrot motifs with horses and equestrian details all painted by hand."

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