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Our Favorite Last Minute Gifts

Our Favorite Last Minute Gifts

December 2020

Just in the Nick of Time

Just because it's a last minute gift, doesn't mean it has any less heart. From One of a Kind Opals and Tennis Rings to Beaded Candy Necklaces and Gemmy Gems, there is something wrapped and ready in our signature packaging that is sure to surprise and delight (and make it look like you've been planning all year.) 

For more ideas, shop our Holiday Gift Guide.

Diamond Bezel Cuff - Irene Neuwirth Diamond Bezel Cuff - Irene Neuwirth
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"The best thing aboutgiving one-of-a-kind giftsis that you can be sure thateven the person who has everythingcan't possibly alreadyhave one at home."xx Irene


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