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Our Favorite Opal Pieces of the Moment

Our Favorite Opal Pieces of the Moment

August 2022

How do we love opals? Let us count the ways.

We choose our opals for their play-of-color, the spectral flash that you see when the gemstone catches the light. Our favorite shape to show off this phenomenon has long been hearts and now we're adding new silhouettes to the mix.


When it comes to styling your opals, there are endless possibilities. Each gemstone is truly one of a kind and can read as a singular ethereal shade one moment and radiate with rainbows of dimension the next.

"When I started designing jewelry, I fell in love with opals. As the years have gone by, I dipped into moonstone, tourmalines, aquamarines, emeralds, and others, but I always circle back to my favorite stone, opal." xx Irene

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