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18k Gold Opal Fine Jewelry

Let Us Introduce You to One of Our Very Favorite Gemstones

November 2019

From our signature carved heart Love pendants to our cotton candy pink Gumballs, opals have become synonymous with Irene Neuwirth.

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We seek out one-of-a-kind stones with a remarkable play of color, which is the most distinctive characteristic of an opal and occurs in endless unique patterns and color combinations. Inside every stone, this effect is created by millions of tiny silica spheres in a multitude of sizes that refract light and cause the spectra colors. The spheres have aligned just right and uniform in nature to create enough color for our eyes to see.  While there is a vast range of gorgeous opal varieties, Irene designs exclusively with the finest gemstones. 

Boulder Opals are part ironstone and part opal. They are sourced from the cracks and fissures of rocks where opals have formed over time. 

Boulder Opal Love Necklace 18K Yellow Gold

Fire Opals have a from bright yellow, orange, or red hue and are translucent to transparent. Below Scarlett Johansson wears our beloved One of a Kind Tropical Flower Earrings in Lapis set with intense Mexican fire opals in orange.

One of a Kind Tropical Flower Earrings Lapis and Fire Opal 18K Yellow Gold

Pink Opals are opaque and their natural light-to-medium pink color can be solid or have subtle neutral mottling. A solid pink opal can be found in our popular Gumball Ring.

Gumbal Ring Pink Opal 18k Rose Gold

Crystal Opals have a white-to-translucent body that displays a strong play-of-color ranging from greens to purples to blues. Below you'll find a crystal opal with waves of green in our One of a Kind Small Necklace Lightning Crystal Opal.

Crystal Lightening Ridge Opal 

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  • Medium Gumball Ring - Irene Neuwirth Medium Gumball Ring - Irene Neuwirth

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