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Stone Spotlight: Opal

October 2020

Our Guide to Opals

Few stones capture free-spirited beauty like the opal. From our hand-carved Love Necklaces and Beaded Candy strands to lustrous pink Gumballs and dream-come-true One of a Kinds, this inspiring stone has become synonymous with Irene Neuwirth. With its captivating play of color, the irresistible opal is thought to embody the power and virtue of all the other gemstones.


The essence of whimsical luxury, glittering opals exhibit bright flashes and a pastel rainbow play-of-color that makes each stone appear lit from within. Some of the most captivating stones feature vibrant iridescent jewel tones and a midnight-like background that gives each stone a mystical, mysterious edge.

"I love opals for their depth and color. My favorites look like the bottom of the sea." xx Irene

Boulder Opal

Formed in the tiny cracks and ridges alongside ironstone rocks, Boulder opal is sought out as a rare, one-of-a-kind stone that combines dazzling play-of-color and raw rock that gives it an air of heaven-meets-earth.

Fire Opal

Treasured for its striking shades of bright red, orange, and yellow, fire opal has become imbued with meaning from being a gemstone of protection and healing to a symbol of love, hope, happiness, and truth.

From glassy vermillion red to opaque cotton candy pink, these storied gemstones bring life and luck wherever they go.

Pink Opal

If love-at-first-sight was a stone, it would be a cotton candy pink opal. Charming, playful, and purely delightful, it's thought to be a healer for all matters of the heart. 

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