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The Perfect Present for Any New Mom

August 2021

Some like to call them push presents

Whether she’s becoming a mother for the first time or adding another member to the family, these thoughtful gifts help capture the indescribable magic of one of life’s greatest moments.

Forever Flowers

For a floral tribute that will never fade or be left behind, choose a One of a Kind Tropical Flower Necklace. They will always be in bloom.


Everyday Specials

For a keepsake that serves as an everyday reminder of love and adoration, a classic style like our Beaded Candy Necklace or a One of a Kind Three Stone Ring delivers on that promise. Sometimes the most simple things are closest to our hearts. 


"The arrival of a new baby into the world is one of the most joyful occasions and it’s such an honor to create jewelry that becomes part of that amazing story." xx Irene

Beautiful Birthstones

For a memento that speaks to the most life-changing moment, celebrate with a piece that features the birthstone of the month. Our Double Drop Earrings combine multiple birthstones for a growing family.

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