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The Sentimental Side: Gifting Made Easy

The Sentimental Side: Gifting Made Easy

February 2022

When Jewelry Is More Than Just Jewelry

With life's big milestones comes life's big feelings, and we all want to be sure to give a gift that measures up. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, an anniversary, an important birthday, or are inspired just because, these three simple ideas will help point you in the right direction.


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Know Her Jewelry Style

Begin with the jewelry box basics: does she wear white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold? What type of gems does she already wear? Does she wear only one type of stone or does she like to mix things up? Does she wear her jewelry day in and day out or only on special occasions? When you consider what she likes to wear and how jewelry fits into her lifestyle, you'll be able to better choose a piece that feels like a perfectly natural fit.


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Look to Her Closet for Clues

Take all that you know about her personal style, and apply it to your search for a gift. For classic taste, stick to timeless pieces that highlight a single type of stone, precious metal, or pearls. For more romantic leanings, look for florals and cascading silhouettes. For someone whose style is always changing, choose a piece that plays with gemstone combinations, cuts, or scale to keep things interesting. And if she loves color, choose something as vibrant as she is.


"I love the idea of celebrating special moments by giving a piece that captures the essence of life at that time. Earrings in the colors of the sunset; a flower pendant as a reminder of growth; a carved heart for steadfast, true love - it's all in how you frame it."xx Irene
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Choose a Piece that Tells Your Story

Whatever you decide to give will become a touchstone, imbued with exactly the meaning you want it to have. Particular colors, like blues for the ocean or reds for roses, hand-carved shapes like a heart or flower, or cut silhouettes such as a circle or a droplet can all share your sentiments exactly. Whether you choose a simply sophisticated piece in her very favorite color or decide to commission a one-of-a-kind treasure, what makes it most special is that it's from you.


  • One of a Kind Faceted Beaded Candy Necklace - Irene Neuwirth One of a Kind Faceted Beaded Candy Necklace - Irene Neuwirth

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